Friday, 12 December 2008

Day 3

All is still going well and I am still positive, motivated and giving this my all - yes I do know that it has been 3 days but I usually am kidding myself in one way or another and this time I am doing things the right way eg no cheating or pretending I did not eat something that I did!! I know that planning is the key to making this work for me. I also know that there are going to be days that I no longer want to eat what I have planned, but I am going to have to stick with it and not give into the temptation of local food outlets! To help make this happen I am setting aside Tuesday night next week to prepare and freeze meals for the coming week.

Last night after dinner I headed out for a walk, I only walked for 30 minutes as it was so cold. I did not feel too bad about not walking for the full hour as I was putting the Christmas tree up when I got in so I was up and down, bending and stretching for about an hour. Again I had another evening of eating not a single thing after my dinner - I have also found that when I have my evening cup of tea if I make the water as hot as possible (I usually let it cool a little) I take my time drinking it and I am not bothered about the lack of biscuit or chocolate.
I bought my bf and myself an advent calender yesterday as they were reduced to 49p as it is so late on in the month. When I got it home I wondered why I have given myself the temptation??
Anyway, I worked out the weight watchers points value per chocolate to be 0.5 points, so if I do decide to have one I can mark it down correctly.

Tonight after work my bf and I are going swimming again. I plan to swim for the same length of time as Monday (30 minutes) but I am going to try and squeeze in an extra 2 lengths. Fingers crossed I managed. We will be eating dinner afterwards and tonight we are having chicken and vegetable stir fry (with noodles for my bf) in soy, ginger and garlic sauce.
So far today I have eaten the following:

2 slices wholemeal toast
1 egg poached
homemade weight watchers soup (the same as day 1)
2 slices of wholemeal bread
1 apple (I have not eaten this yet, but will be having it at some point over the afternoon)
I may have 2 of the chocolates from the advent calendar when we are watching TV later tonight - I have the points left over to have them, but I may change my mind.

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