Saturday, 13 December 2008

Day 4

Last night I made some Berry Muffins, I got the recipe off of the weight watchers website. They were very easy to make and are 1.5 points per muffin. I would say that mine turned out to be more like a scone than a muffin, but they are very tasty - I think I may try a slightly different method the next time that I make them.
So, as a treat I had one of the the muffins (still a little warm) and 2 of the chocolates from my advent calendar with a cup of tea (well I manage to stretch the treats out over 2 cups of tea!).

I think that tonight may be a bit harder! We usually have dinner and then share a bottle of wine if we are not going out. But, we are going to be having dinner and drinks out tomorrow night when we are away, so I do not want to treat myself 2 nights in a row. This means that I will be watching the X Factor with a cup of tea and maybe a muffin! It will be back to walking tonight and I will try and make it an hour long before lounging in front of the TV for the evening!

Today I have eaten the following:

2 slices of wholemeal toast
1 poached egg
1 slice of wholemeal bread
home made weight watchers soup (same as yesterday)
Tonight's dinner is pasta and meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce.

Already looking back at what I have been eating this week I can see that it will get boring very quickly. As I mentioned I am going to take some time on Tuesday night to prepare for the weeks meals. I think it will be another week of soups for lunch, but it will be a different variety. I think I will also change what I have for breakfast next week - I have lots of Oats So Simple porridge in, so a week of that will be a nice change.

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