Thursday, 18 December 2008

Day 5

What a sloppy blogger I have been lately - thankfully I have been sticking to the plan! I was away for the weekend and returned with a cold, so I have not really been feeling like keeping my little blog - but I am back on it today!

Day 5 was an early start, as we were heading for an early train to Manchester, but I still made sure I had time to eat breakfast - so that I was not snacking on the journey. I made myself a sachet of Oat so Simple porridge (apple and blueberry flavour). For the journey I packed some of the Berry muffins that I had made, cereal bars and a few cans of diet Coke. The journey down was fine and all I had to eat was a muffin and a can of diet Coke.

When we arrived we headed to Bella Italia for lunch (we had a buy 1 get 1 free voucher). I ordered a roasted vegetable panini and a diet Coke. The panini came with chips, so I straight away moved half of the portion onto my bf's plate, I also took off the top layer of bread on the panini and ate it like it was an open sandwich.
The remainder of the afternoon was spent doing a LOT of walking around the shops and the various Christmas markets that were taking place. We stopped in at Starbucks where I had a cup of tea to heat up.

Before heading out to dinner my bf and I shared a bottle of Champagne in our hotel room. We then walked to the restaurant - a steakhouse. I ordered the Teriyaki steak (it came with rocket and spring onion salad) and I had a few of the chips that my bf ordered. We shared a bottle of wine with the meal and then headed to a nearby bar to have a few drinks before walking back to the hotel.

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